Windy Bay Holdings has been making and selling delicious, natural food products out of our bakery in Winchester Bay, Oregon got more than ten years. In that time, we’ve grown an appreciative base of customers who crave the pure flavor of our products made with local, unadulterated ingredients from the Willamette valley. They continue to ask us when they can expect to find our jams, sauces, oils and more on store shelves.

Established in 2015, Pure Wild Oregon is our response to those customers who wish to experience the full, pure flavor of our products without having to travel to our little corner of the Oregon coast. Our brand’s mission is to provide the very best natural Oregonian products to consumers throughout North America.

What makes Pure Wild Oregon different?

  • Our products are all natural, avoiding processed ingredients that dampen flavor.
  • All of our products’ main ingredients are produced in Oregon’s Willamette valley.
  • We refuse to make use of genetically-modified produce.
  • None of our products contains any added salt over what occurs naturally.
  • We never make use of unhealthy chemicals or preservatives.

Let’s get moving!

Pure Wild Oregon is seeking a broker to represent our full line of products beginning with our raw sugar jams and barbecue sauces and expanding to other products in the future.